Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Something New...

I don’t normally do this but today I’m helping out a friend by promoting her new blog: mylifein-ablog.

She will surprise you with her witty and clever remarks on everything that surrounds her. From TV shows, to real life, she has something to rant about nearly everyday.

At the end of her day she carefully disposes of her troubles in a complaint letter that she sends out to you from her blog.

Why?? Well, because letters are her way of reaching out to the world and expressing her opinions.

But if I were you, I would BEWARE of all letters you receive that are signed AL at the end because they are most likely going to be a complaint….

Please follow her blog and join in with her rants on life…

What have you got to lose??

It’s up to you to take a look…

It doesn’t hurt to read something new every now and then!!

Yours faithfully,

Rouge =D

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