Friday, April 17, 2009

A little more ? OR A little less? You decide!

How can you tell the difference between logical and lateral thinking?
Is it ok to only want the little things in life, or is that just being selfish to those around you? OR could you just simply be getting tired of who you are, and grabbing onto what you already know seems to be the easiest choice?

NO! None of these things are true! I’ve never believed one of these nor have I ever wanted to. This is because these are other people’s opinions scratching deep questions into the back of my mind.


See, I’ve always believed that by sticking with the little things in life is where you will find the biggest breakthrough. I mean, that’s how most artists have worked their way to the top. That’s why most medium level families look so happy just to be together.

But then why does the “more train” keep paying me visits so frequently? It looks soo desirable that sometimes I allow it to stop right in front of my eyes where it purposely catches my glare.

I wonder, have you ever really seen those people on the “more train”? The ones with their eyes glued to the latest technology there is out there. Messaging back and forth to those who I can only assume to be their work colleges. Hey, why not? I mean, after all that’s who helped them buy their new phone, and that’s who else has one just like it. I can just imagine what their inbox looks like…
Boss: “Hi, did you get the new phone today? Try to come in early and I’ll show you how to add all our networks on to it. Its also real useful for emailing our clients.”

College/friend: Hey, mate you better hurry, the boss is making sure everyone is on time today. Aren’t these new phones great?? I’ve already emailed two clients from mine today. Oh and have you seen the new photo album caption they have on them??

Boss: “Oh and do you mind grabbing me a coffee on your way in. Thanks!! See you at work!!!”
I don’t blame them. They probably end up making some great acquaintances at their jobs. But I can’t help to wonder whether this “work hard party hard” scenario really works? Maybe it’s just not for me. I find it enduring but not healthy for ones wellbeing. Call me ignorant, but to work soo hard at something that at the end makes you drive so far off of the edge in order to catch up on the life you’ve missed, is quite… Well, daring, to say the least.

Where does the balance come into that?

It’s all fair to get excited over the latest phone that you can get your hands on faster than most people. But eventually even they become over used and boring.

Well, you can always go out and buy yourself a brand new suit or for the working man perhaps one of those over populated striped collar shirts??

Ironic isn’t it? The fact that they call them business shirts and they always come in bold busy patters?? Gee, I wonder if they are trying to get a point across, don’t you???

Have you ever looked at these shirts long enough to notice that your eyes tend to focus on only one of those colour of those lines, while the other just fades out somewhere in the back of your mind?

I guess that’s also how people’s lives become. Only following one path instead of balancing out the two. That’s why most people I know who succeed end up changing their jobs later on in their lives.


Is it possible to even live for later, if your not sure what’s around the corner?

Lets test that theory.

Until later,

Rouge!! xxxxoooxxxxooo

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