Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Phases of phrases

Sometimes I like to find or make up my own phrases or mottos. It makes me feel like someone important. E.g. Shakespeare. Or even someone on a voyage of discovery.

Who knows maybe one day I can make a song up from all this gibberish.

Here are a couple I pondered in my mind last night. Some you may have already heard and others are fresh out of my mind.

- Life is free to live how you want to live it. E.g. If you want to sing, sing, but it doesn’t mean you have to get paid for it.
- I want to live breathing; I don’t want to live dying.
- Words can only hear my cry
- Compliments can hurt more than rumours, depends on which you believe.
- Everything has a virtu
- Hard work can only get you to your destination if you allow it. You can still work hard and not get anywhere at all.

Always pondering,


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