Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Recurring nightmare

I’ve been good lately. Staying up late to finish assignments obviously isn’t one of my most treasured happenings, but I’ve been sticking by it and suddenly becoming a pro at it. Though, recently when I’ve been given this joyous time to finally have a good nights rest the same dream keeps on popping in my head for these past couple of days. It’s like a plague I can’t get rid of.

In fact, last night, I think I dreamt it twice…

I thought only the people in movies tossed and turned while they’re sleeping but until the other night, this was I as well.

***The dream:

I’m sitting down in what’s known as the hot seat on the stage in an interview studio. There is definitely an audience although in my dream they are cut out because all the focus is on the interviewer and I. My dream is viewed by a video camera that keeps on being moved back and forth and sometimes even in circles. Leaving me with a massive headache when I wake up. I’m not sure, but some how I think this back and forth movement is somehow connected to me tossing and turning.

Anyway, In this dream the interviewer keeps shooting questions at me that I’m too afraid to answer and preferably don’t have an answer for. Therefore I just end up putting my feet up on the chair and sitting there hugging my legs, chattering my teeth and having a look on my face almost as though my eyes are about to pop out of my head.

The most peculiar part of this dream would have to be the fact that I know the interviewer. Although, I haven’t seen this person in quit a long time. In the dream this person seems to be interviewing me in a very calm manner (almost making me feel a little calmer.). I think this is due to the fact that this person had given me advice one time when I didn’t even ask for it and therefore making me feel a lot calmer. Even though there is an aurora of calmness coming from this person in my dream he is smiling and naturally seeing past the fact that I’m too afraid to answer these questions. So, he keeps continually asking and smiling until the dream is over and I’m left feeling more nervous than ever before. ***

I have no idea what this dream is trying to tell me because every time I wake up I can never remember what the interviewer is trying to ask me. All I can recall is how frighten I feel and how much I want to block these constant questions out of my head.

Extremely tired but still yours truly,

Rouge xoxo


Al said...

someone a little scared about a certain presentation??

i will post about my dream... quite alike.... has left me sleeping with 2 teddybears... dont judge me lol


Rouge said...

Nope, its most definatley not about a presentation. It seems a little more personal than that.

Can't wait to read you update!!

Rouge xoxo