Saturday, January 10, 2009

My Holiday

Where I spent most of my days..

I miss this place! Nothing could truely be more real or perfect...

LOL! I think that's my shadow you can see at the side there. Oh well, it's still a wonderful photo.

I never wanted to leave the beach but eventually I had to get up and do some sight seeing.

This is the waterfall we walked hours in the hot sun to see. I guess it was worth it in the end because it was gorgeous!!

(even though it did take up some shopping and tanning time)

Look how adorable the gigantic birdies are!! I'm so glad my camera has this zooming in option because there's no way I’m getting any closer to these fellows.

Aawww, this one is all by herself. Don't worry cutie your going to turn into a beautiful swan and all your brothers and sisters are going to be jealous of you. You don't worry your pretty little beak.

I only got to get away for about a week but I think I deserved every second of it. I had the most relaxing time, which consisted of the two main elements of mine and probably every other living beings life cycle.... SHOPPING and THE BEACH!!!

(And a little more shopping..)

I decided to take a little advantage of my new camera and my beautiful surroundings by taking the time to take some photos for y'all. ENJOY! Please let me know if I have any future in photography or whether I should just scratch that off my list completely.



Elle said...

Don't worry your pretty little beak! AWWW So kindhearted!

Love the pictures, hope you had a relaxing and well deserved vacation!

Nikola said...

Wow, this looks AMAZING!