Saturday, January 24, 2009

Believe Me! / It was an honest slip of the tongue.

This is a Spanner-

This is a Screwdriver-

Let that be a lesson to us all.........

My whole life I’ve been told that I’m too young to understand. This gives me the sense that no one believes what I have to say; even when I know deep down that I’m more right than anything. It’s these times that seem to repeat over and over again in the so far chapters of my life that begin to drive the young girl inside of me a little insane.

I sometimes feel that there is a glass door in front of the rest of the world and I. On the other side there’s billions of people just staring at me with their eyes wide open. I’m banging on the door as hard as my fist will let me but no one will open for me, they just continue to stare like zombies.

I’ve been known to take certain situations dramatically hence the banging on the door with my fist. Any other person would just look for the doorknob and easily join the rest of the people on the other side. I for one have to make a scene, which could eventually enhance into a play, if you let me carry on.

Although, I stretch my words and gather long sentences to express how I feel, it doesn’t mean that I don’t believe in or understand what I am saying. After all, its all got to come from somewhere, and I’ve concluded that that’s what gives permission for others to strike out at me. I may just give too much of myself, and that could be my weakness.

It’s easy not to trust those whose weaknesses reflect more than what they believe in. This is why we have to show a lot more courage in order to unravel the strength that is hidden beneath our weakest points. We need to be strong to be able to put forward our auras of belief and take justice kindly.

Don’t let anyone put down what you truly believe in; otherwise you’re just putting yourself down!!

(Even though, sometimes you could be wrong at little things. E.g. thinking a screwdriver is a spanner and vice versa…Hey, could you blame me? I’ve got more important things to worry about than tools. And to be honest, it was more or less of a slip of the tongue, if you know what I mean? Of course I know what a Screwdriver is! Pfftt, It DRIVES the screws into other boring objects like WOOD. But it doesn’t mean that the other person in the room still didn’t hear an earful of an argument from me. What?? I had to keep my game. That’s right I still stood forward with my statement and surprisingly believed in what I had to say!! In the end I rose to my challenge as I left the room with my wining ponit that will save all of us women from having to cross hard labour with tools of trade…


Now, when I ask you this question it’s important that you forget the whole spanner incident. Kapeesh? Forgotten yet? Ok,

Do you think I’m too young to believe or understand??

: P This should be your answer-

“No way!! You’re just on the bridge that leads to finding out who you truly are. In fact I think you might just be a whole yard a head of people you own age, OR even older! From what I read you’re a strong believer and should have no trouble with what others say to put you down.” : P

Thanks guys, I love your words of encouragement! Keep it up!! :P


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