Saturday, December 6, 2008

Formal part 2 and the introduction of "Difficult"!!

Ok, so here’s the deal, I’m sort of new with this blogging thing so I’m not totally comfortable with ratting people out or revealing parts of my life i'm not generally comfortable talking about. So, this is my real and first gossip post about someone that played a small but unforgettable role in my life. You may need to read the last post I wrote to get the full picture of what it’s about. Now remember, I’m taking small steps with this post so there’s not going to be much detail (Well, that’s what I’m hoping for, I usually get carried away somewhere around the middle).

Before I begin, you must make sure you have read the last post!! I’m not going to say it again.

Here it goes (I’m a little nervous).

Hairdresser: “Yeah of course, but still there must be someone that you’re looking forward to see. Or liked during high school?”

This is the part where I almost forgot how to speak. I was almost completely lost in conversation but ironically my brain had no trouble in having its memorabilia flashbacks. I can’t believe I forgot! I was also a little glad I forgot too. I mean, I was so caught up with the excitement of going to my formal that I had also forgotten about how hard it was going to be. I was definitely going to miss the drama of it all that’s for sure, but that’s high school. If there were no drama there wouldn't be any fun.

Ok, now I’m probably not explaining this very well so please, let me let you in a little as I cut to the chase. When the hairdresser spoke those words there were two people that popped in my head (of course there were a couple more but these two stuck with me the longest.).

My first memory- I swear there was a time when he liked me too, but don’t worry I wasn’t going to let anything happen he was what you would call “The Rebel” (I know, girls and rebels. We can’t help it!). I was actually kind of happy to see him though. He would always give me a good laugh and I honestly had a little respect for him. I could totally see through that rebel disguise he had on. In fact later on, I learnt that he was a real nerd. I know! LOL. Surprising, isn’t it? The school rebel, a nerd?? Who would have thought??? He really grew up and I was excited to see him blossom. The boy that never use to do his homework and always caused trouble in class really grew up to be the next Einstein or Picasso. He even received an award for his intelligence at the end of the year, but his rebel streak wasn’t completely lost, it would bounce back now and then. Once those gates opened he was back to his old self. Me? I was happy with my choice, The Rebel and me never stood a chance but I was still happy to dwell on the past memories.

The second memory- Now heres the difficult part that sort of made me not want to wake up every morning and go to school. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but I’ve mentioned him in one of my other posts. See, he was a friend of Bluff’s. Who’s Bluff?? Well, you're a couple posts behind. [Link] In my old post when I mentioned this person I referred to him as the one without a name. Clearly because then I didn’t feel as though he deserved one, but now after looking down a road of happy and not so happy memories I’ve definitely figured out a name for him. “Difficult”. Yep that’s right, he just made things really difficult throughout high school. You see, throughout high school I had a plan. Yeah, I know, who plans in high school?? Well, I did and my plan was to just have fun and also work my butt off at the same time. This meant that there would be no serious boyfriends, no enemies or just anything that would get in my way. I had a lot of studying to focus on. I wasn’t as bright as most people thought so I couldn’t handle any distractions. But who knew that when you stop looking for distractions that they suddenly show up uninvited. “Difficult” was the cherry on the icing, he was even best friends with “Bluff” and also another archenemy of mine. He was a friend of everyone’s!! Everyone loved him; everyone loved being around him, everyone except ME! Don’t get me wrong or anything, I was nice to him even when I probably shouldn’t have been, but I was. You see, because he was friends with EVERYONE he mingled with my friends forcing me to talk to him as well. I was ok with it, no big deal. So, I included him in the conversations and became friends with him. No problem there.

It wasn’t until I noticed him just freakishly staring at me a lot and being in the same places as me most of the time. Ok, so maybe I was being a little paranoid. Staring (laughs), sometimes I stare around the room unknowingly, maybe it was a little like that. Oh, and we do go to the same school; of course we would run into each other. Of course I was being paranoid, ha, what was I thinking. Suddenly, I could swear that I heard him talking about me. I of course was trying my hardest not to eavesdrop and just concentrate on the work in front of me. Unfortunately at the time I forgot that one of my best traits is really good hearing. So when I heard the words “You like Rouge!” and the “Yeah” beside it I couldn’t help but curse the trait I was so proud to have as a child (What like you didn’t eavesdrop as a kid?). Ok, so at the time, I began to try to find my way around the situation. Maybe he was talking about ANOTHER Rouge! Yeah, that’s it! What an idiot I am phheeeeeewww, glad that’s over with. Wait; hold on, they still hadn’t stopped talking! Then all of a sudden the person who he was talking to pointed at me, and I’m not talking about from afar either. She came and pointed at me from above my head as I pretended to be working. Yep, there’s the reassurance I undoubtedly needed. They couldn’t have made it even more obvious, it was almost as though they wanted me to find out, but I wasn’t willing to give in. I could still play dumb, and so I did.

Ok, so what was wrong with this guy? Why didn’t I like him and why was he so difficult? The truth is I had nothing against this guy, there was even a couple of times I thought that maybe I should have gone out with him (He was really easy on the eyes, which I guess that’s why he was so popular) but just when I would be giving in something would always happen that would make me see him as a complete jerk. You see that day when I heard him talking about me; he had a girlfriend, which is why I couldn’t understand it from the beginning. That day while confessing to his friend that he liked me he was also discussing whether he should dump his girlfriend and ask me out. AAARRRRRHH what a jerk, I mean what would make him think I would say yes anyway.

The next day I found out he dumped her (How I knew? Well, he wanted to make it obvious once again) and if yelling while standing directly behind me doesn’t make things obvious, then he might as well just have reenacted the whole scene right in front of me. Though, I still didn’t care, I was sticking to my word and I wasn’t interested. Anyway, throughout the year he kept on continuing with these crazy antics to get me to like him and I kept on dodging them thinking he would get the message.

Anyway, I’m totally getting off track here because I’m sure you want to know what this has to do with the formal. Well, for a couple of weeks now he had gotten a new girlfriend, she looked really sweet (I hadn’t met her but I had seen a photo). I was sort of happy I didn’t have anyone annoying me anymore, but it didn’t stop there he still had a couple up of tricks up his sleeve now and again but you could tell that he really liked this new girl and I was happy for them.

The formal was a little difficult in itself, even though I didn’t realise it would be. When I first walked in with a couple of my friends I saw him gazing directly at me. I must have looked different because his eyes were opened so wide it was like he was stunned. That’s when I really realised what a big impact this night was going to have on me. Remember in my other post how I said that I sat next to one of my guy best friends, well “Difficult” kept on giving signals to him and calling him over so they could talk. I think he thought my friend and I were there together as a couple. No, I definitely knew that’s what he thought as soon as he started giving him the thumbs up (arrrhhh what does that mean anyway?). It was terrible because I just wanted to have a good time, and there was “Difficult”, again, being, well, being DIFFICULT!!! I tried to avoid him most of the night though I spotted him staring at me again while I was dancing. I’m sure going to miss him though, I know he meant no harm; he just wasn’t really my type.

Anyway, as I was coming back from "the little girls room" (where I was trying to help my friend out from what could have only been a very embarrassing wardrobe malfunction.) I saw that “Difficult” was sitting on my chair talking to my friends. Me, on the other hand trying to be smart went across to another table where my friend Amy sat and started talking to her. What?? I didn’t want anything to ruin my night and I knew he was up to his little schemes again. Anyway, even if he wasn’t, my plan was have a stimulating conversation with everyone in the room that night. That way everyone would remember me, and Amy was up next on my list anyway. As I sipped my Champagne I looked over to see if “Difficult” had moved from my seat. Nooo, he’s still there. Wait! What’s he doing? He’s looking through my bag!! Now through my phone! Oh, and great now he’s taking a photo of himself with my camera!!! Arrrhh great, I rush to the bathroom to help a friend out whilst forgetting my bag and this it how I’m repaid?? Like he’s not difficult enough to forget about anyway, I now have a photo of him on my camera! Where does he get the nerve to look through my bag anyway?? I had no choice at all but too give him an evil stare from the table I was sitting at. There was no way I was going to go over there and give him the satisfaction he clearly wanted, so instead I continued talking to Amy.

So there you have it, of course there were many more years of crazy antics made by “Difficult” but I basically just wanted to give you the low down of what happened at the formal.

I’m logging off now, I had a big week, which I will discuss later, but more importantly I need to get some rest.


P.S Thank you to Blakant for creating the picture of me at my formal!!! This blog would be lost without you and your wonderful drawings.

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