Monday, December 1, 2008

The Formal aka The Prom

What can I say, it was the perfect way to end the high school year. Everyone showed up in expensive cars, dressed up so much we couldn’t recognise each other, laughed, cried, dance, sang, YOU NAME IT!! It was a night to remember and the pictures were posted all over Facebook to make sure that happens.

My dress was gorgeous it was purple, no sleeves and I definitely got my share of stares all round. I curled my hair and had golden highlights put in. My hairdresser told me I looked like JLO (Jennifer Lopez). I decided to take that as a compliment but I couldn’t help but look at my back in the mirror as I was leaving. LOL JLO, that hairdresser must have quite an imagination. Not that I don’t love JLO, I mean I’ve seen the Wedding Planner at least a thousand times already (maybe even more) but the truth is there’s only one JLO and I wasn’t her, not even for that one night.

We all met up at my friend’s house, all the guys and girls that is. Don’t worry we’re all just really good friends, there was no dates or hooking up. We all just went as a big group. Except for the fact that two of my best friends just started dating a few days before, but we all had our eyes on them from the beginning. Anyway, it was really exciting because we hired these massive cars which I still don’t know the name of today, but they really were mean machines. I got my kicks out of them and the driver was really cute too (who not to mention I sat next to in the front seat).

We arrived about ten minutes late but in the end so did everyone else so our idea of being fashionably late was kind of already taken. At first we all mingled took photos, then made our way to our table. I was the last to sit down so I ended up sitting at the end of the table next to one of my guy best friends and a girl friend of mine (who I didn’t get to talk to much because she was too much entwine with another guy friend of mine). I didn’t really mind where I sat, yelling is something I’m used to so I definitely got involved in every conversation.

The food of course was terrible but that’s how it is at every formal. Lets face it Chefs don’t care much for high school students. I don’t know why, I mean with our metabolisms we are more capable then most people to be able to endulge in their food. Oh well, I still wasn’t going to let anything ruin my fun. Not even my shoes, which pained me all the way through the night. I worked so hard all year it was my time to party!

I danced all night and pretended I knew every song. Even the ones that annoy me when they play on the radio every five seconds. There was also one song that I loved and had never heard of. It went something like “I love that jam” and that’s all I can remember. I wish I knew what it was called. I looked all over the Internet and still cant find it.

Ok Rouge, so where’s the juice?? I know even my hairdresser was trying to push something out of me..
Hairdresser: “So are you taking a date with you?”
Me: “Noo lol, I’m just going with a group of friends”
Hairdresser: “Yeah its better to go to the formal with a group of friends because you’ll remember the night forever and if you go with a date and then later you brake up, that will just ruin the night. Yeah, don’t go with a boy it’s better that way.”
Me: “Yeah that’s exactly what I think as well. I still have my guy friends as well though. (I didn’t want her to think that I was one of those girls who were afraid to even speak to a guy, because I’m definitely not).”
Hairdresser: “Yeah of course, but still there must be someone that you’re looking forward to see. Or liked during high school”.
Me: (Suddenly went quiet and started remembering all the little crushes I had and those who had on me throughout high school. Some more recent than others.) “No, not really. There’s not really anyone that I’m attracted to at my school, I’m pretty much just friends with everyone.” Ok so I lied, I kind of do this often though. It’s definitely a habit I’m trying to, but not willing enough to kill.

Then the hairdresser started going on about how she recently saw her high school crush on a train. She said he was even better looking than before and now looks like Wentworth Miller (you know the really good looking one off Prison Break).

Anyway, about the “JUICE” of the night. Don’t get too excited it’s not that much but I will be posting about it next. I promise…And yes it has something to do about my little white lie with the hairdresser! So keep in touch to keep up. Subscribe if you must. *Wink, wink, nudge, nudge*


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