Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Where to draw the line?

Do you ever get people who pretend to be soo nice to you that you can see right through them? Then for a split second you catch them rolling their eyes at you or scrunching up their face towards your direction. Whats with that? It's people like this that pull me back in through doors of reality..and trust me when it comes to reality theres no one there to welcome you with open arms.

Thers's this girl who i'm pretty sure has some sort of a problem with me though she continues to lie to my face. Lets just call her "Bluff" from now on.

Ok, now after having countless conversations with Bluff and helping her with a load of her assignments. I overheard her talking about me today to someone who I have yet found a name for..Now i'm extremely sure the things she said were directed at me. At the time I was in the same room as her playing def which she ignorantly beleived.

Later that day, Bluff started talking to me pretending as though she had never gone behind my back saying the things she did. To my confussion she was really sweet and chirpy. I of course continued talking to her pretending as though I knew nothing.

Believe it or not this hasn't been the first time I've overheard Bluff criticizing me behind my back or even rolling her eyes towards my direction.

WHATS THIS GILRS PROBLEM? Do you sense my frustration on the matter?? WHERE AM I SUPPOSE TO DRAW THE LINE TO END THIS NOW AND FOR ALL??? Or do I just simnply continue to ignore her...

Thank you for putting up with my bitter whining.


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Missy said...

Fake people are the pits, I respect people who let me know how much they hate me.