Monday, September 15, 2008

Getting into the habit?? And Hanson!!

Dear bloggers,

Sorry for the 2 day gap since you last heard from me. Sunday I just lost track of time which i'm sure is what happens to everyone on a Sunday, in between trying to catch a break and worrying about school/work the next day. And yesterday my laptop kind of broke keeps on restarting by itself and it doesn't even have a virus. :/ So, if anyone knows how i can fix it i'll really appreciate the input! ;)

Anyway, today i've come to the realisation that I have to start making a difference in the way I organise myself whether its trying my best to write in this blog everyday or keeping up with work. Yeh, I know its a really boring way to start a post after a 2 day gap but i feel as though i had to get it out there. If it stays on this screen maybe it will stay in my head. :P

Ok, now with the good stuff!! I would just like to mention the fact that I love the band Hanson. They have some of the greatest rock music i've ever heard and from being childhood singers working in the enertainment industry, they still seem to live normal lives and stay very cool. Heres an interview of them on Chelsea Latley!


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