Thursday, November 13, 2008

My new playlist

After confessing to nearly everyone I know that I am giving up the ever so scrumptious allies of sugary sweets and ever so creamy ice cream for a couple pf lettuce leaves and carotene filled carrots, I was surprised by a friend of mine with a new playlist on my ipod.

It got me thinking that if this new list of songs got me soo excited, well, I guess the idea could come in handy one day, lets say if maybe you had to apologize to someone, or even if you just wanted to surprise someone special with a sentimental gift. A new playlist on their ipod might just do the trick! I know it put a smile on my face.

Well anyway, this friend of mine wanted to make me a list of songs, which they favoured and figured that I might listen to them during my workout sessions.

The list of songs included;

1. Last kiss by Mariah Carey
2. Sex on fire by Kings of Leon (I LOVE THIS SONG!!)
3. Human by The Killers
4. I summon you by Spoon
5. Viva La Vida by Cold Play (Another great song)
6. Always where I need to be by the Kooks
7. Biology by Girls aloud (You need a little girl power music when you working out).
8. For the record by Mariah Carey
9. Buck Rodgers by Feeder (This is an awesome song to pump up in your brand new car!!)
10. America by Razor Light
11. Never miss a beat by the Kaiser Chiefs

And many more…

And to top it off, the playlist was entitled on my ipod under the heading of “Good Songs!” LOL, isn’t that sweet?