Thursday, November 13, 2008

Acknowledgements to Blakant!!

I’d like to give out a huge thank you to “Blakant” for creating my new profile image.

Isn’t it gorgeous? I have to say it freakishly does look A LOT like me (except for the whole big head and smaller body thing, lol).

Thank you sooo much Blakant, I absolutely love the cartoon me!! You did a great job at capturing my image through the vague words I described to you. It was a pleasure doing business with you ;)

As a return in favour I would like everyone to please visit this site that was created by Blakant himself:


IMPORTANT: You may not take, copy, use or distribute any of the posts or images from this website/blog. Copyright infringement is a serious offence and as such, will be dealt with very seriously.

Thank you,


1 comment:

Haireey Hashnan (Blakant) said...

Yeah, no copying! xD
Thx for the link!