Sunday, November 16, 2008

Life’s Philosophy (Time)

Time, energy and love. Everybody wants needs and breathes it!!!

After going out for my little cousins birthday the other night I couldn’t help but feel a little down. I mean I’m at a point in my life where things are supposed to be happening, aren’t I? Its been about two weeks since I’ve finished high school and I’m wondering why no one has called me yet to at least say “Hey, you wanna go out and catch a movie or grab something to eat?” Is everyone busy or is this just how it’s going to be from now on. If we run into each other while we’re out do we stop and say hi or do we just walk on by from now on? I always thought at least I would still have at least some of my closest friends by my side. My thoughts could just be too far ahead and I’m probably not letting time take its course, or it could be that when I had the chance (when I had the TIME) I didn’t make a big enough impact.

How is that even possible?? I mean, not just with my friends but time in general. We all want it! We all want time!! Past, present or future, time isn’t recurrent and any opportunity can slip through our fingers at any moment. JUST LIKE THAT! In the end it’s something we all want more of and that can only be helped by how we view our lives.

I read a really interesting novel by spokesperson Terry Hawkins. It was called “Now and Too Late”. She described time with the click of her fingers. “There are only two times in life NOW (click) and TOO LATE (click). The second click gave me the sudden chills because after that what’s left…nothing I guess. I mean, of course there will be other opportunities in life but if you don’t grab one by the shoulders soon enough, well, then when will you? Time is precious and we all want it. It’s how you treat the time you have in the moment that’s most important. Don’t take anything or any one for granted because time will sneak up behind you and bite you where it hurts. And what are you going to do about it? Nothing. Time was too quick for you. Yeah, if you’d had known then you could have shown time your precious skills in tiquondo, but what are you going to do now, now that it’s all in the past.

Another thing that bites about time is how are you supposed to happily move on with your life when you keep on cringing on those precious mistakes from our past. I know that there is always something I regret doing or saying to someone. I want to forget those moments so badly but sometimes I can’t help but to relive these episodes in my head. The worst part about it is that each time I make myself feel even worse about the situation. I’ll say things like “Aaarrhhh that was so stupid!!” or “What were you thinking, get a hold of yourself next time!!!” For instance when I went out for dinner I dropped a knife on the floor and the waiter had to go and get me another one. I know that there is nothing unusual about this situation really, I mean it’s part of the guys job to go and get me another knife, but it’s the fact that I’m so clumsy that began to do my head in.

We all have these moments but when we are having them do we ever really think if the other person has even noticed? For all we know they could have gone home dug into an ice-cream container and be watching the next episode of The Hills (that’s just an example, I have no idea what your girlfriends/boyfriends do) while we’re pulling our hair reliving the past and hating ourselves for it. Now, tell me, is that how you want to spend you afternoons or your time for that matter??

I know that I am mentioning the book for the second time now and I want you to know that I have nothing to do with making it nor do I know the author but “Now and Too late” by Terry Hawkins mentioned an extraordinary way to recover from those relapses of our cringing past. She mentions something about looking on the outside of our past visions. When we are viewing our past we obviously view ourselves in that moment, in those same shoes we wore that exact day. By doing that we are obviously reliving the moment and how we felt at that exact time whether it was guilty, miserable, or just plain stupid. To make ourselves forget the moment or see it differently we have to view it from the outside. You have to watch the moment as if it is happening within a television screen, almost as though you are the third party person who is not included. That way it’s definitely going to be easier to laugh about the situation.

If you are not seeing the solution just yet you are clearly blind sighted or it’s probably just because I’m not explaining it very well. Just give yourself a while to sleep on it for a couple of nights. You’ll get the image sooner or later.

Ok, guys it’s getting really late so I have to head off to bed now. Over the next couple of days I will be explaining energy and love.

Remember SAVOUR THE MOMENT!!! There are only two times in life NOW (click) and TOO LATE (click).

Enjoy your day.


Sincerely Rouge

Ps. since we’re discussing time, it’s going to be my year 12 formal (or prom if your from the states) on Thursday. It’s going to be the closing end of an era!!! Hopefully I’ll get to tell you all about it on Friday, that is if my hangover is gone by then. :P

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