Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Persuasive Letter To Self

To my dearest dearest girl Rouge,

Please, try not to talk to "Conscious Killer" too much tonight. He might try to call you but you are just going to have to ignore him. It is not fair that he wont let you do your work. "Girlfriend" may have been a little bit right. He is controlling and that just scares you with what else may or may not be right about him. And whats the deal?? Are you really going to take the risk and go out with him on Saturday or are you just doing these things to get away of whats really bothering you, your work, because I know thats what you set out to do at those parties!

There you go! Take a breather!! Try not to lose yourself!!!

Your reflection,

Rouge xxxx

1 comment:

James Oh said...

Stay cool and take it easy.

Do not worry too much, or have a fear of him. Just follow your heart and everything is going fine.