Sunday, December 7, 2008

Put an end to domestic violence!!

Domestic violence is considered a crime that not only happens to adults but children as well. In fact “1 in 3 teens suffer from dating violence and are often too afraid to report it”. This is why actress Amanda Bynes and Mary Kay have come together to make teenagers more aware of the dangers of dating violence and also what is acquired to having a healthy relationship.
You can also help put amends to this by signing a petition at:

What is Domestic violence? (I tried to gather as much info on the topic as I can for those who are unaware of the dangers).

Domestic violence occurs when one person uses abuse towards another in order to dominate or control them. Such abuse can be:

Physical abuse: this can be when someone kicks you, hits you, throws things at you, uses a weapon against you etc.

Sexual abuse: When sexual acts and behaviour are forced upon you.

Emotional/psychological abuse:
This is when someone tries to make you feel worthless and blames you for certain problems that aren’t your fault. They can threaten you or damage your property.

Verbal abuse: When someone speaks to you in a way that is frightening or threatening. This could involve shouting or swearing.

Social abuse: When someone tries to control what you do, where you go, whom you speak to etc.

Other forms of abuse could be financial or geographical.

You must also be aware that some of these forms have to occur on a regular basis for it to be considered as abuse

REMEMBER: That everyone for the greater good has a chance to live a happy and healthy wellbeing!! So, if you have been abused make sure you report it, as you are not alone!!!

Help put an end to domestic violence by signing the petition that will help our future generations live a more secure wellbeing!!

If the gorgeous Amanda Bynes can get involved so can you!


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